Sea turtles nest on Fort Myers Beach

On Fort Myers Beach, sea turtle nesting season usually begins May 1st and continues through October 31st. However, this year, some turtles began making their nests a little earlier. The sea turtles that nest on Fort Myers Beach depend on everyone who lives and visits Fort Myers Beach, during this time, for survival. As the turtles begin to nest, it is everyone’s job to make sure that they follow the rules of the beach to aide in the nesting process and survival of these beautiful creatures.
Here is what you can do to help:
• No flash photography
• No flashlights
• No fires
• Turn off or shield all external lights after 9:00pm
• Close drapes to properties on the beach after 9:00pm
• If you find a turtle nest, enjoy looking, but DO NOT TOUCH OR DISTURB THE NEST
As more and more nests appear on the beach, it is vital that we all do our part to keep our sea turtle nests safe. They are fantastic creatures and a true treasure on the island. Please help by doing your part to make sure these turtles are here for centuries to come.
For more information, brochures, or questions about the sea turtles on Fort Myers Beach, you can visit

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